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Junior Tennis DAY CAMPS

July 6-10
    Held at Peninsula Tennis Club, at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, San Diego, in association with PTC's Duncan Depew.
    Schedule: Mon.-Weds., 8:30a - 12:00p; Thurs., 8:30a - 7:30p; Fri., 8:30a - 3:00p. (Meals provided on Thurs. & Fri.)
    Includes commemorative New Balance/ECTA tee shirt, certificate and camp photo.
    Partial and full scholarships available (call/email Ed). Fee: $385

July 27-31
    Held at Peninsula Tennis Club, in association with PTC's Duncan Depew.
    Schedule: Mon. - Weds. 8:30a - 12:00p, Thurs. 8:30a - 6:30p (includes lunch at PTC, dinner at In-N-Out), Fri., 8:30a-12:00p.
    Partial and full scholarships available.
    Fee: $345

August 10-14 (Beginners only)
    At Peninsula Tennis Club.
    Schedule: Mon.-Fri., 8:30a - 12:00p
    Partial and full scholarships available (email Ed). Fee: $270

Challenging and Fun!
Since 1970 Ed’s camps have been a source of instruction and motivation for thousands of youngsters. The reason: Ed knows how to create a structured learning environment without spoiling the fun.  
     Groups arranged to provide comfortable learning and playing experiences for all ages and levels––from beginners to high school players to tournament players. (Beginners under 12 must be evaluated for acceptance.)
     Full/half day camp combines theory, practice and play. Includes technical training, meaningful drills, videotape analysis, round-robins, team tennis, beach trip, intra-camp, pizza party and more!
     Ed’s professional staff includes Peninsula Tennis Club’s Duncan Depew, USPTR, along with collegiate players, who are excellent models as students of the game.

For further information: Ed Collins Tennis Academy: 619-296-3436/ Or Duncan Depew: 619-226-3407

Please send confirmation of registration to:

Name _____________________________________________ Age _____    M  __   F __

Address ________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________ State ____  Zip __________________________
Home Phone _____________________________  Cel. Phone ________________________
E-mail __________________________________________________________________
Level of play: ___ beg  ___ adv beg  ___ int   ___ adv int   ___adv

July 6-10 fee--$385.   July 27-31--$345.  Aug. 10-14--$270.  $75 deposit. (Cancellations receive a full refund.)

___ July 6-10    ___ July 27-31   ___ August 10-14 (beginners only)

Amount enclosed ____  Make checks payable to ECTA/3788 Ibis Street/San Diego, CA  92103

Credit Card Authorization   __ MasterCard   __ Visa
Cardholder's signature __________________________________

Card number ______________________________________________
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