Tennis Test for novice players 
Etiquette, Rules, Terms, Technique and Tactics    by Ed Collins

Name __________________________________ Date _______________

To serve, a player stands directly behind the baseline ___ service line ___

Players change ends of the court after each odd ___ even ___ numbered game.

Standing behind the court, the deuce court is to oneís right ___  left ___

Itís legal to volley the service return. T ___ F ___

A player wins a set when heís the first to win 4 ___ 6 ___ or 7___ games 
and is ahead by at least 1 ___ 2 ___ or 3 ___ games.

The least number of points that can be played in a set is ___ 
The maximum number of games that can be played in a set is ____

A match is completed when one player wins two of three sets. T ___ F ___

On which court is the 40-15 point played?
Deuce ___ Ad ___

When taking serves, itís customary to alternate hitting three balls. T ___ F ___

During the warm-up, conducting an across-the-net conversation is distracting to neighboring players trying to concentrate. T ___ F ___

Itís bad etiquette for the receiver to call the serverís score. T ___ F ___

You only make calls on your side of the net. T ___ F ___  If your opponent doesnít make or signal a call, consider it good. T ____ F ___ If youíre 99% sure the ball is out, call it out. T ___ F ___

If your opponent foot-faults a little bit, it doesnít make a difference if you foot-fault a little bit. T ___ F ___

When your ball goes onto a neighboring court, wait until play has stopped before asking for it. T ___ F ___
Itís OK to practice your return on your opponentís long serves. T ___ F ___ 
When the serverís second serve is interrupted by a ball coming onto the court, he is entitled to two serves. T ___ F ___ The server also gets two serves if he was the cause of the delay. T ___ F ___

A tie-breaker settles the set when the score reaches _______ The first point of the tie-breaker is served from the deuce ___ or the ad ___ court. 
The player who served first in the tie-break serves first in the first game of the following set. T ___ F ___

The doubles team may switch returning sides at the beginning of a new set. 
T ___ F ___

Asked the score, the server replies, 3-5, 40-30. Whoís winning? The server ___ His opponent ___

The toss for a slice serve typically goes behind ___ or in front ___ of the body.

A crosscourt forehand approach is tactically preferable to down-the-line. T ___ F ___

Define the optimal point of contact, to include:
1. contact in front of the body
2. ________________________________________________________

Doubles involves more varied shotmaking than singles. T ___ F ___

What are the characteristics of a well-produced stroke, to include:
1. contact in front and away from the body.
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

What are the characteristics of an effective shot, to include:
1. placement
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

Why is the 3rd point in a game significant?____________________________

A Continental grip is commonly used to serve and volley. T ___ F ___ A Western grip makes it easier to slice. T ___ F ___

Topspun balls bounce higher ___ lower ___ Underspin makes the ball bounce higher ___ 
lower ___

What, besides a racquet, does a tennis player bring to the courts?
1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________

Besides breaking a sweat (to improve flexibility), what does a player attempt to accomplish in a warm-up?
1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________

In 10 words or less, describe the following terms:
Low-to-high ________________________________________________
Margin-for-error ____________________________________________

During a point a ball rolls onto the court. You say nothing. He hits a winner. Then you call a let. He protests. Whoís right? You ___ Him ___

Itís OK to ask a spectator for help in making a call.  T ___  F ___

Itís legal to reach across the net to hit the ball. T ___ F ___ Depends ___

Itís OK to catch a ball thatís obviously going out. T ___ F ___

You touch the net during the point. You play the ball on two bounces. Who makes these calls? You ___ Your opponent ___

If players cannot agree on the score, they should go back to the last score on which they agree.  T ___ F ___

A player who is uncertain whether or not a ball is good can request that the point be replayed. T ___ F ___

After losing, itís a good habit, and good sportsmanship, to offer a firm handshake to your opponent, and to make eye contact. T ___ F ___

A player who regularly plays points with balls lying on his side of the courtÖ
 ___ doesnít care if he loses.
 ___ is likely to step on a ball.

A player who regularly talks during a pointÖ
 ___ is a nuisance.
 ___ loses the point.

Seeded players are separated in a draw so that they do not face each other until the final rounds. T ___ F ___ A bye is a situation in which a player is not required to play in the first round. T ___ F ___

In losing, a player is recognized as a poor sport when he ___ complains about his opponentís style of play ___ blames the loss on bad line calls ___ walks off the court before his opponent does.

Preparing for a tournament match, a player gives himself a better chance to win, when he schedules at least a half-hour warm-up. T___ F ___

If confidence is a matter of good shot-making, and shot-making is a matter of good technique and timing, then practice (repetition) is essential. T ___ F ___

Make a match from the answers below:
___ A point that must be replayed because of interference or because a ball touches the net on serve but still lands in the correct box.
___ 7-5, 3-6, 5-4, 40-15.
___ 5-4, 40-love
___ Point earned by the receiver after 40-all.
___ Point earned by the server after 40-all.
___ The serverís score is 15-40.

a. let    b. break point  c. advantage in   
d. set point   e. match point   f. ad out

From mid-court, which is preferable?
__ Volley the ball.
__ Half-volley and back up
__ Chip and come in.
__ Drop shot.
__ It depends. And itís a stupid question.