The 10 most frequently asked
questions about Ed's junior camp


Q1 Does Ed actually teach at the camp?
Every day. All day. And he resides in the dorms too.

Q2 How many students in each camp?
32-40. On 8 courts. With 7-8 instructors (including Ed).

Q3 What are the qualifications of the counselors?
Ed hires at least two other tennis tennis teaching professionals, in additon to intercollegiate players, who provide excellent model as students of the game. (Many of them are Ed's college students or were former ECTA campers.)

Q4 What ages attend the junior camps?
A  In 2007, 15% were under 12; 43% were between 12 and 14; and 42% were 15, 16 or 17.  And, case you're really into camp demographics:
    • 51% were male;

    •52% had attended Ed's camp before;

65% were from San Diego, 15% from elsewhere in California, 11% from out-of-state; and 9% added an international flavor to the camp.

Q5 Besides tennis, what else do you do at camp?
A   1. Pool picnic.
        2. Intra-camp softball game/pizza party--a tradition).
        3. Movie night.
        4. In 'n Out.
        5. Camp video night. (Tennis, music and u-name-it--a real documentary film effort)


Q6 Are the groupings by age or skill level?
The latter.

Q7 Is it just drill-and-play or is there actual instruction involved?
Approximately one-third of the time is spent on technical development, one-third is spent on drilling and one-third on supervised competition. (For more about Ed's teaching methodology? Click here.)

Q8 Are the dorms nice?
A Yes. Semi-private. Bathroom down the hall. Meeting room w/TV.

Q9 What about camp/campus supervision/security? Curfews?
A Ed and his resident staff see to it that the 10pm In-your-room! and 10:30pm Lights-out! policy is adhered to. Campers are supervised at all times.

Q10 Do you have to board or can you commute?
A Most campers spend the night. About 10-15 percent day-camp-it. They arrive after breakfast, stay all day, are provided meals. (Some of the evening camp activities are optional.)

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