2017 ECTA Application 
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Sign up for the July 2-7 junior camp at

Student(s) ___________________________________________________________________  M __ F __   Age(s) ______

Address ________________________________________ City/State/Zip_________________________________________

Home tel. (______) ____________________ Cel  (_____) _______________________ E-mail _______________________

School ______________________________________ Tennis Club ____________________________________________

Level of play: o Beg    o Adv. Beg o Intermediate    oAdv. Int.   o Advanced

If you take lessons, name of pro & club ___________________________________________________________________

Specify how you learned about ECTA _____________________________________________________________________

Preference for roommate (name) ___________________   Mail ___ additional brochures for friends (or include their addresses)

Emergency contact: _________________________________________ tel. _______________________________________

I have read and hereby accept the conditions described in the brochure. I also understand ECTA reserves the right to use for
publicity purposes photos taken at Camp. Adult applicant/parent/guardian signature: _____________________________

Check one:
o  One-week junior resident $965   o Day student $675
o Fri-Sun MiniCamp resident $475   o Day student $295
o July 24-28 jr. half-day camp $265  o August 13-18 jr.full/half jr. day camp $395
Indicate 1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, 3 for third choice:
Jr. Camp o July 2-7, at USD  (NOTE: Enroll at
Jr. Day Camps o July 24-28 jr. half-day camp at PTC  o August 13-18 jr.full/half junior day camp, at PTC
Adult Minicamps o July 14-16 at USD 

Mail, fax or e-mail with $75 deposit for MiniCamp and day camps. A confirmation packet will be sent. Full payment must accompany all applications after June 1st. Balance due two weeks prior to camp. Make checks payable to Ed Collins Tennis Academy, mail to 3788 Ibis Street/San Diego, CA 92103.
Note: For July 2-7 junior camp, sign up at

Phone/fax (619) 296-3436.  E-mail:   wilson

Amount enclosed $____   Credit Card  ___ MasterCard ___ VISA   Cardholder's name ____________________________

Number _____________________________    Exp. date ____________ Signature ______________________________

Juniors share a dorm room with one or two campers of similar age. Adults may request a private room for an additional fee of $35 per nite. All-you-can-eat meals are offered at on-campus dining hall. Several entrees are available for selection. 

Resident counselors provide round-the-clock supervision. Counselors live in the dorms with the campers. Curfews are strictly enforced.

Junior students arriving by public transportation will be met and escorted to campus by USD/ECTA staff.

Medical Care
For minor injuries, care is provided by ECTA Staff. In cases of emergency, medical treatment is provided by several area hospitals within minutes of the camp. ECTA does not provide medical insurance for campers, and in the event of injury or illness, family medical insurance must be used.

How to Enroll
Complete the application and mail with $75 for MiniCamp and day camp to Ed Collins Tennis Academy/3788 Ibis Street/San Diego, CA 92103.  (Sign up for July 2-7 junior camp at After June 1st full payment must accompany application. (Balance of credit card fees will be charged on June 1st). Upon receipt of your application, a confirmation packet (including directions, medical form, supply list, etc.) will be sent. Final payment due June 1st. Phone/fax (619) 296-3436 for more info. Scholarship funds are available through J. Collins Tennis Scholarship Fund. Call for more information.

Cancellations prior to June 1st receive a full refund; cancellations after June 1st receive a refund less $75 administration fee ($25 for MiniCamp).

The week-long junior camp begins with tennis activity on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. and concludes on Friday at 3:30 p.m.. Day students are served lunch and dinner. 3 & 4-day MiniCamps begin on Friday at 2 p.m. and conclude either Sunday at 3:30 p.m. or Monday at noon. Residents are provided bfast and lunch. Day students are served lunch only....Junior counselor positions available for high school senior/repeat campers....Financial assistance available for junior camps....Call or e-mail for application (


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