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First published in 1977, Watch the Ball! has been re-written and is back in print! San Diego Tennis professional Ed Collins shares advice and experiences of a 30-year teaching and coaching career that includes 18 years as a college coach and 30 years of directing camps and clinics (involving over 25,000 students of all levels). 

Watch the Ball! is 200-plus pages on every tennis playing and learning subject imaginable. It's filled with anecdotes about Ed's students, and almost every page is highlighted with an amusing cartoon by former Disney artist Jack Boyl.

What others say:
"Collins has a knack that is enviable: He can teach through his writings. He inspires confidence in his students, and by reading Watch the Ball! you'll be inspired too...He brings the whole subject of learning into clearer focus than I have seen yet."

--Dick Enberg, CBS Sports 

"Ed Collins lets you into the world of teaching and coaching. And he's right on the mark...He describes the mysterious appeal of tennis as well as anyone."

--Dick Gould, Stanford University Men's Tennis Coach 

"Both amusing and informative, Collins good-humoredly shares years of teaching and coaching experiences."

--Jack Kramer 

"This book represent some of the soundest teaching of any textbook on tennis."

--Dennis Van der Meer, President, USPTR 

"After reading Ed's book, I can see that he enjoys the process of developing tennis players just as much as I do. This book will help tennis players improve their game and develop a positive attitude along the way."

--Tom Gullikson, former U.S.Davis Cup Coach 

"Besides the amusing cartoons, and the sensible advice on technique and tactics, what makes Ed's book special is the insight he offers on how one actually learns to play the game."

--Billie Jean King 

Thank you, Ed, for reminding us about court sense, stroke sense, game sense and most of all, a FUN sense. Your style and thoughts on tennis makes me smile."

--Valerie Ziegenfuss, USTA National Coach
(Val was one of the Original 9 Virginia Slims Tour players) 

"A most comprehensive and competent instructional book--for players of all levels."

--Cliff Drysdale, ESPN Sports


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