"I know you've received millions of these, but..."
25 years of amusing camp letters, history, photos, etc.


"Your camps are always are well organized with good content and excellent instructors.  This year it was exceptional. I particularly appreciate your hiring the college students because even they reduce the pace, the rhythm of hitting with them is an absolute pleasure. Thanks again for offering the camps. They are a treat. (Thank Lisa for assigning me Mike as a partner.)"   ––John Gordon, Phoenix (2014)

"A note to say that both Barbara and i enjoyed the camp and i was particularly glad to find myself able to play that much, remain eager to learn and find more of the pleasure that the dance of tennis has always given me... competing and winning still matter to me... and i have never been much of a fan of losing... hard for me to blow it off readily...just don't like it much...getting better at accepting it...."
        ––Walt Watman, Emeryville, CA (2014)

"Thank you Ed!  It was a great, fun experience and I benefited a lot from it! I will DEFINITELY be there next year!"         ––Saludos, Gloria Larios, San Diego (2014)

"Very cute!  Thanks!  All the best to JP and his wife!  I enjoyed the camp very much - and have noticed results already (when I actually do what was suggested (-:)  I also did meet some very nice people; your instructors were all knowledgeable, fun and kind and I'm hoping to return - if life cooperates!  By the way, I brought my rock to school and have already had some admirers of it. Take care."
                      ––Kim Lurie, Tucson, AZ (2014)

"My fingers are the only part of my body that isn’t hurting today (ha ha!) so I thought I’d type you a quick notw just letting you know how much I enjoyed the tennis camp. It was educational and valuable on many levels. I truly learned a lot about the game/technique of tennis itself, as well as competing and group dynamics in such an accelerated and intense forum as this. Everyone I encountered was positive, supportive and kind. I m grateful to all of your team, and fellow students for sharing their love of the game with me."           ––Terri VandePol, San Diego (2014)

"Tennis camp is always the hightlight of the summer  Thank you for also always taking my side against my brother; not only is he always clearly wrong, but now that he’s so tall he really has to be put in his place."          ––Abby Vickers, LJ (2014)


"Thank you very much for including Nick in your camp. We watched the video presentation and I told Nick afterwards, Please never stop playing. What a great sport! What a great bunch of people! What a fun video!"     ––Monika Lemp, San Diego (2013)

"Thanks again for a wonderful camp. I loved every minute. You have it so well thought out, organized and executed. You have plenty of fun activities built in around a lot of very fundamental instruction. You will be pleased to know that when I was warming up for my regular doubles game on Monday, the other guys were saying look at Jeep's strokes.  He must be getting some really great instruction. I appreciated their technical suggestions and enjoyed their spirited participation." 
                       ––Jeep Rice, Coronado (2013)

"We know you and your team are the best and the camps have helped our girls not only to get better at the sport, but also to be good team players, and experience tennis as a fun activity that can last a lifetime."  ––Judy Fisher, San Diego (2012)

"I know you enjoy it, but I know how much work it is and you need to know that it is quite a gift to the community. It is also so impressive the way your older students pick up on your attitude and teaching method and they provide great examples as counselors. Thank you again and Riley is excited to come next week!"      ––Lori Bastien Vickers, La Jolla (2013)

"Wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the tennis camp this past weekend.  It was the perfect mixture of lessons, drills and play time. The pace was just right too. I don’t think I felt bored or restless once throughout the weekend. I look forward to attending another camp next year."
                                            ––Mark Hall, Santee, CA (2012)

"Thanks Ed, to you, Brett, Lisa and the rest of the staff for a terrific, memorable weekend that put a few more pieces in the puzzle re my tennis part of my life. Skill development was what I came for; I'd forgotten how important the sense of humor that's (intentional or not) an integral part of the experience."          ––Rhonda Gates, AZ (2013)

"Thank you so much I really appreciate it because this was a great experience for me and I think I got a lot out of it. I know Ed really helped me with my serve and now it is in more often than not. Also I am now a lot better at placing my shots when I am playing. This was one of the best camps I have ever been to."               ––Chad Keeley, San Diego (2013)

"Thanks for the great experience you gave my son, Cole Urcelay. He learned a lot about the game but also has a great memory that will last a lifetime." ––Mike Urcelay, Encinitas/Solana Beach (2013)
"This was my first resident camp and I loved it. Thank you for all the instruction and help you gave to me to help my game. The day after camp finished I had a national tournament up in Irvine where I was one of the 9 seeds. I ended up winning the tournament and, in the semifinals beat the number 9 in the nation who was also the number 1 seed."  ––Ryan Seggerman (Coronado, CA (2013)

"Thank you so much for the great experience. As always I had a ton of fun at your camp and can’t wait until next year."   ––Grayson Guo, San Diego (2012)

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to improve my tennis game, to meet new friends, and to experience dorm life on a college campus. I had a great time at your camp. Till next year!"
         ––Tai Guo, San Diego (2012)

"It has been a highlight of their summers for so many years. Every year I marvel at the amazing contribution you have made to all of us and we thank you so much for continuing the camps. Also, you have set such a great example for this generation of providing old fashioned fun for these modern kids who normally don't have much time away from their phones and computers! They love hanging out and just being with friends." ––Lori Bastien Vickers, La Jolla (2013)

"As I look back over the summer season I want to thank you for making the SanDiego trip so special for me and the kids. They all enjoyed the camp, learned a lot and are determined to come back again..."            ––Terry Ward, Tennis Director, Frontenac Tennis Club, St. Louis ('08)

"Fernanda had a great time at your camp. You and your staff made her feel like a true "Double Untouchable."  -––Alejandro Ramos, Chula Vista ('08)

"For over 30 years I have taken groups to Ed's camp and it has always proven to be a rewarding experiene in so many ways. Their tennis improves, they learn to give and take, they are forced to concentrate and focus on things they don't like to do, they experience the college dorm life and they make new friends."    ––Terry Ward, St. Louis ('06)

"I gained so much from your lessons and wisdom about the sport. It was a very fun experience, and perhaps the highlight of my summer."     ––Chris Cubbison, Del Mar ('07)

"My boys had a great experience. They both had fun and learned some new skills. I especially enjoyed (and found very humorous) the team awards that were given out at the end."   
                                    ––Joanie Wilknson, San Diego ('09)

"You and your staff are always so grat to be around. They are enthusiastic, personable VERY talentd and patient. I have received more compliments about this year's camp and I really appreciate your efforts..."      ––Mitch Martens, LA ('07)

"Good stuff, picked up lots of little things. Hope to return someday, loved the college setting..."                   ––Craig Johnson, Kodiak, Alaska ('07)

"Charlie is loving the camp and is playing just continues to improve. Thanks for making it a fun and supportive tennis experience for so many kids. So many programs are just mills with no personal touch or are intense "win at any cost" programs..."    ––Sue Frishberg, Del Mar ('07)

"The entire family enjoyed the video...Thanks so much for your dynamic coaching--you make it so much fun for the kids...     ––Patricia and Jim Reily, San Diego ('07)



"I really appreciated the quality, depth, and individual focus you and your staff showed us throught the weekend. It's really amazing how much was pakced into so short a time fram. Really top flight instructioa nd people."           ––Lou Schreier, NCal ('05)

"Throughout the week I leaned lessons pertaining to responsibility, committemnt and perserverance."
               ––Brett Pearce, San Diego ('07)

"I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed every minute of the camp and learned so much. I truly believe that I can use this knowldge for the rest of my life. Tennis is my joy in life and this week was certainly joy filled.        ––Jesse Hanchett, Vista, CA ('06)

"I have now attened your weekend mini camp for several years. It is a credit to you and your staff that you have so many repeat offenders...err...attenders...."
                                     ––Norman Ytterdal, Ocean Beach ('04)

"The rotations helped a lot with my tennis game. The video of us playing helped me see what I looked like. The tournament at the end of the week made camp more enjoyable. The activities we did after tennis were fun. The dorm and the food was good. They were nice and weren't too gross or anything.."
                                                      ––John Mears, Igo, CA ('04)

"Just wanted to let you know that, once again, I enjoyed your camp: the tennis instruction, the people, the venue, the humor--allof it..."   ––Lynne Calkins, Del Mar ('04)



"The may poinsts of instruction that you taught me during my firs experience 3 years ago became even more clear this time around. You have gathered a great group of young people together to assist in making your tennis instruction so successful, and I applaud you."      ––Duane Whitfield, AZ ('04)

"I know you've received millions of these, but I felt I just had to write to tell you that I loved your camp."       
      ––Jan Bresnahan, Fullerton, CA ('77)

"After such an eye-opening experience at your camp, I have come to realize that tennis is mostly about will, concentration and experience."         ––Sahar Kamali, San Diego, CA ('98)

"It was a wonderful experience helping kids develop their abilities in a sport that will give them many good experiences in the future. I'm sure this was an experience I'll never forget."   ––Katalina Romero, Tijuana, BC, Mexico ('98)

"Her tennis has improved significantly, but more importantly, her passion and respect of the the game have been ignited. She's very proud to have been part of the renowned Ed Collins Tennis Experience!     ––Liane Bryson, Del Mar, CA ('99)

"I was really excited about learning how to better my game and meeting other players like me. I have really learned a great deal and appreciate being allowed to attend."     ––Tristan Roland, San Diego, CA ('00)

"When we got home I asked Andrea if she had a good time and her answer was"Yeah and let's go again next year for sure." So I think you can see that you received a hearty recommendation from her and from all of us." 
             ––Jack Simmons, Shoreline, WA ('00)

"Thank you for accepting Charlee into your scholarship program. What a great opportunity for her. This is an exciting and scary time for both of us--this is Charlee's first time away from home!"   ––Karen Warford, El Cajon, CA ('99)

"I enjoyed watching them play the other day, and they have greatly improved their game...They keep on sharing their wonderful time to us and friends."     ––Vic Tuazon, San Diego, CA ('99)

"I feel like I learned a lot at the camp and I have you to thank for it. The highlight of camp for me was when we went to In 'n Out. (Just kidding!)"     ––Kiersten Donathan, San Diego, Ca ('99)

"Some camps are just tennis, tennis, swim, tennis, tennis and pizza. That is so boring! But your camp was filled with tremendous excitement...Next year I will certainly plead with my parents to let me go to your camp again." 
                              ––Chris Wu, San Diego, CA ('98) 

"Many thanks for the kindnesses you gave me while I was in Tennis Academy. When I entered Tennis Academy I had a hard time trying to make myself understood. But your coaches taught me courteously using a large gesture. So I had a good time and good experiences during my stay. I think if I could speak English, it would have a lot of fun. As I an going to study English, I would like to speak to you cheerfully..."   ––Maki Kawaguchi, Nishinomiya City, Japan ('99)

"The Zonals were successful for him and I must say you helped and deserve some of the credit for his accomplishments. Robert went undefeated in singles. This earned him a trip to Boca Raton for the Challenge Cup." 
                                    ––Tom Kendrick, Fresno, CA ('91)

"After six days with you and your staff, my inspiration, dedication, and devotion are at an all-time high. Last night I got home and called five different people, trying to set up matches for next week."           ––Leah Splavec, Poway, CA ('89)

"The instruction was first-class, and the teaching/ competitive atmosphere you created was absolutely great...The most poignant instruction was your "What tennis has meant to me" seminar. Chilling. It was the capstone of a tremendous week."           ––George Goss, Albuquerque, NM ('91)

"I reply improve my tennis and at the same time made new friends and had a lot of fun. Loosening my grip after each shot has really helped . And thanks for the special "Best Effort" trophy. I especially like how all the coaches signed the tennis ball."          ––Laresa Marino, San Diego, CA ('92)

"Thanks so much for the scholarship! I had so much fun. I'm sure you know I like camp because I keep coming back!"                        ––Lindsey Green, El Cajon, CA ('92)

"In spite of the whining I did at camp, I came back sharper, quicker and steelier in a crunch match. Thus, I concluded that it's only a good coach that gives of himself without asking first how much. And it's only a good coach who can take a student where they can't get themselves."        ––Tiia Sahni, NY, NY ('94)

"I practiced serving for an hour today, using techniques learned during your personal instruction sessions with me. Whenever I made a good serve I realized what I did to make it happen."         ––Glen Van de Voort, Kaneohe, Hawaii ('95)

"At your camp I felt so at home that I didn't even miss my family. Also at camp I made new friends from all over."      
                        ––Kirsten Carey, Coronado, CA ('97) 

"It was a blast! Not only did I learn a lot about tennis, but I made some great friends. I'll never forget camp!"     
                 ––Jessica Walters, Walla Walla, WA ('97)

"The camp was a lot of fun, but required a lot of hard work and endurance. I can prove that by all the aches and pains in my body. I have to admit that it was all worth it because I gained so much."     ––Jessica Jung, Woodland Hills, CA ('97)

"Thanks for making this week of tennis possible for me, an eight-year-old. I've learned a lot and had a great time."                            ––David Hawley, Carlsbad, CA ('93)

"I finally learned how to hit a forehand on the last day--so my tennis actually seems to be improving. I really liked the mixture of drills and playing, and especially the 5-minute lessons."   ––Susan Schultz, Phoenix, AZ ('88)

"...When I was leaving and everyone was saying good-bye my mom couldn't believe how many friends I made..."
               ––Betsy Miringoff, Carlsbad, CA ('88)

"Thanks for your continued dedication to the kids and the sport in general...Jeremy always return home with improved skills, new friends and renewed motivation."  ––Rochelle Munson, La Crescenta, CA ('88)

"It's Jill again. Have more 2 say. I usually hate writing. My parents are so happy. I'm using topspin. And I can chase down lobs. I am starting to LOVE San Diego."     ––Jill Harrington, St. Louis, MO ('90)

"I thought I should let you know that I made varsity tennis! I wanted to tell you and thank you because I don't think I could have made it if I hadn't had such a great experience at your camp."        ––Laurie Gold, La Jolla, CA ('91) 

"OK, how many times can one person hear the words, "Thank you,Ed"? Just the same,I'd like to extend my thanks to you and your coaching staff...I'm enjoying the game again, and I know where I want to go with my tennis." 
                                           ––Mary Pat Barbarie, San Diego, CA ('91)

"Sure enjoyed the extra-curricular activities and loved San Diego, however it was not fun coming back to high altitude and trying to keep the ball in the court!"
                    ––Nancy & Pat Godsil, Littleton, CO ('92)

"Estuvimos muy contentos en su clinica de tenis. Fue una experienca inovidable. Esperamos volver en proximo ano. Vamos a seguir practicando tanto Ingles como el tenis, para que el proximo verano este mejor en ambas cosas."
               ––Maria Elena, Rebeca y Adan Nevarez, Durango, Mexico ('85)

"I learned how to play tennis the right way, which now makes the game easier for me--relaxed grip, fast back, low-to-high, etc. The accomodations were fine and the meals above average--well balanced, varied and tasty."
                 ––Charles Cabasag, Johnson Island ('92)

"No, really, we just wanted to tell you what a groovy time we had at your camp last week. The special memories shared will bring us back for years to come."    ––Judy Schwiebert and Erin Conley, Solana Beach, CA ('85) 

"You seem to be able to make your camps enjoyable for each player, no matter what their skill level is. I think when everyone goes home, that each person has felt they were really special, whether they were on court #8 or #1." 
                      ––Dinah Lee, Tempe, AZ ('86)

"No words (not even money) can really amount to thank you for your kindness to James in giving him the great opportunity to be in you tennis camp this week"         ––Mrs. Linda Conda, Chula Vista, CA ('86)

"I just wanted to let you know that I got to the finals in the Bishops Tournament. I really got better at your camp." 
                   ––Pati Ruiz, Chula Vista, CA ('93)

"You should not allow two people from the same city (or club) to attend you clinics at the same time. If you hadn't, I would have been in the semis..."              ––Clark Krigbaum, El Paso, TX ('81)

"I have to tell you this story: Saturday my family went out to play a friendly match of mixed doubles. During the match my brother hit a lob over my head (usually I let my father get it, or just watch it go over my head), but this time I jumped back and hit a winner. My father was in a state of shock..."                      ––Christine Kovacs, Palos Verdes, CA ('83)

"Following is my laconic and sincere appraisal of your school and staff: A place to truly improve ones tennis game; a school environment, with a beautiful school campus, good food and dorms; excellent instructors--interested in the students' development both short and longer term; and the most compatible and interesting group of fellow adult students one could expect..."   ––Jack Miller, San Mateo, CA ('84)

"I appreciate your encouragement and have promised myself that I will shed some of my court conservatism. In fact, I started yesterday on my first outing since camp and got a lot more enjoyment, more winners, more fun and still won. (Mother's not as fast as she used to be)"            
                                      ––Dick Koerner, Riverside, CA ('83)

"Not only terrific instruction, but lots of "laffs" too. I've been playing every day and enjoying it more than ever before. We just had a mixed doubles tournament at our club--could you ever in your wildest imagination guess who won the "C" division? I thought for sure "Wide World of Sports" would have a "News Update" on my win."         ––Bev Greene, San Diego, CA ('83)

"I miss you guys a whole lot! The ride back was not as long as I thought it would be because I slept the whole way. Around Las Vegas it got really hot. But once we got to Utah it rained and got cold. Exciting huh. It is kinda boring back here at home because there, we were always doing something, at home you just sit around and tell everyone how cute all the counselors were."
                                   ––Steph Ball, Salt Lake City, UT ('84)


"I loved San Diego--I'm already "California Dreaming" now that I'm back in the "Big Apple." I had no idea what San Diego or the camp would be like, but I desperately needed to escape from NYC."              ––Lori Arthur, NY, NY ('83)

"There was never a dull moment. The last camp I went to seemed to drag on. This camp was so fun that it seemed you didn't want it to end. Another thing I liked was the instructors made tennis fun with their exercises, stunts, jokes and lectures."  ––Laura Cacek, San Francisco, CA ('77)

"I thank you again for teaching me all about tennis (passing shots, serve, forehand, etc) because your lessons I can beat my father."   ––Enrique Carmona, Mexicali, BC Mexico ('81)

"Class! Loose and easy class. A rare commodity. Lock the blueprint up in the basement so that nobody can tinker with it."    ––Stewart Bledsoe, Olympia, WA ('73)

"Aside from a backhand blister half as large as my thumb, all my memories of last week's clinic are fan-tas-tic! We learned--and we had fun, and when any group of teachers can deliver that kind of merchandise, there's a good thing going."
             ––Stirling Silliphant, Hollywood, CA ('74) 

"Fantabulous! Now I'm getting the ball over the net, and you know how exciting that can be! My serve really dazzled everyone when I got home..."     ––Nareno Gutierrez, Apple Valley, CA ('74)

"As a lifelong student and onetime teacher, I am always quite prepared to be disappointed in a course that sounds like it ought to be great. We were both delighted to find that the material was well organized and presented in such a manner that one never felt bored or overawed."     ––Lawrence Siems, San Diego, CA ('73)

"Here is a cartoon I found in the New Yorker Magazine. I think it is far out...Last June's camp was out of sight. It took about 3 weeks to get it all together, but-wow-afterwards, look out."     ––Bob P., Lake Tahoe ('74)

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Tennis College. It was marvelous to be able to completely concentrate on one thing and block the rest of the world out--so to speak."   ––Sunny Charla Asch, Los Angeles ('73)

"I had an outrageously fantastic time all week...the counselors are the best people who lived."  ––Steve Vogt, Whittier, CA ('75)

"My fifteen-year-old daughter, Debbie, just completed one week at your camp. She was a day student and each evening when I picked her up she was bubbling over with enthusiasm for the instructors and the camp. The individual attention paid to each child impressed her very much." 
             ––Mrs. R. Barrows, Fountain Valley, CA ('75) 

"When I came to camp I could not hit a backhand, and I had a cruddy forehand, and I had a lob serve. Now I am O.K. on my backhand, great on my forehand and I have a good serve..."    ––John Katzeroff, Rowland Heights, CA ('75)

"It was fun, but we didn't get enough sleep. but how are you supposed to learn while you're sleeping anyway. I improved 1000 percent. Now I am great. Of course I always was, but now I am better than great." ––David Wilson, Lemon Grove, CA ('76) 

"I just wanted to thank you for the best instruction I have ever had. The difference is overwhelming. I went from #7 junior varsity to #1 varsity doubles."       ––Rhonda Shaw, Morro Bay, CA ('80)

"My fifteen-year-old daughter, Debbie, just completed one week at your camp. She was a day student and each evening when I picked her up she was bubbling over with enthusiasm for the instructors and the camp. The individual attention paid to each child impressed her very much."
       ––Mrs. R. Barrows, Fountain Valley, CA ('75)

"If Palomar had you people on our tennis team, we would be undefeated!! My game may be too far gone to repair but I am sure I can use the teaching tricks you shared..."
          ––Mike Curran, San Marcos, CA ('75)

"Since the camp I have won 6 or 7 (it's hard to count) trophies in tournaments. I am playing very, very very well. I think that the camp helped me a lot. My serve is really good now. I am happy to be home but I still you you all."
                                 ––Onnaca Heron, Ventura, CA ('79)

"Beside making lots of friends, my tennis really improved. In fact, within just two weeks after arriving home I won my first USTA-sanctioned tournament. I can't give you guys all the credit for my wins, but after all the practice and drilling, and the good feelings I had walking (or jogging) off the courts, I know camp had something to do with them." 
       ––Lily (not Lila!) Gustilo, Minn, MN ('80)

"I'm still enjoying the thoughtful, intelligent and fun way you lay the whole thing out. Very professional and a great kick." ––Brian Dillon, NY, NY ('74)

"It helped me tremendously in understanding this game more. It also gave me confidence when playing matches." –Jim Chatterton, Los Angeles, CA ('76)

"You are all such good teachers. You have been demanding, positive, and warm with the girls. Your enthusiasm gave them renewed energy to overcome their weaknesses and become good tennis players."    ––Cathy Fogarty, Tennis Coach, El Capitan High, Lakeside, CA ('77)

"It was the funnest camp I have ever been to...I thought it was perfect, except you should make the curfew a little later..." ––Jeff Wilson, Santa Ynez, CA ('78)

"The first week I got home I missed all of you and the weather down there. It was 107 today. I just about roasted...It is unreal how much better I am starting to play. You really helped my serve."         ––Russ Takeuchi, Fresno, CA ('78)

"We decided that if we can arrange it we are going to come back for the adult session next year. It seems strange saying "adult." I'm getting so old."
––Marla Breashears, Apple Valley, CA ('80)

"The experience for Sandy was outstanding. It is something she'll never forget...I feel she made a great deal of growth in tennis, and she even came home a little more grown up."
                                              ––Mrs. A. Maurer, Westminster, CA ('74)

"Enough time has passed to give me a truer feeling of the experience of you Tennis College. I am happy to say the feeling is still fantastic! Especially after using some of the things I learned on my summer school class of thirty high school students." 
                           ––Nadine Emerzian, Coach, La Serna High, Whittier, CA ('76)

"Now that the muscles have stopped aching and my right arm has decided to rejoin the rest of my body, I can write and say "thank you for two days of fun, educational, exhausting, motivating tennis." You really have a super, super Tennis College."
                                   ––Hideo & Jeannie Korotsu, Long Beach, CA ('76)

"It's only proper that we are possessed of (tennis) demons go to those who are best equipped for ridding us of them, hence Dick and I turned to the Rancho Bernardo Tennis Exorcists. So friendly exorcists, for your valiantefforts in the face of overwhelming obstacles, my great and unending gratitude."          ––Ken Hudson, San Diego ('76)

"Hi How are you? I'm just great. I started school last Mon. It's OK but it's not as good as I thought it was going to be. But I'll live...My tennis has improved a lot. I made the girls varsity team. I'm number two right now. So I'm happy. That's about all I like about school."
          ––Erin Baker, Covina, CA ('76)

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